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Aircraft Titanium Alloys - Alpha Case and Surface Contamination

Genitest is Nadcap accredited to AC 7101/4 for Metallographic Evaluation and Microhardness for all alloys microstructure including titanium alloys. Among others, it includes L2 - Near Surface Examinations for Alloy Depletion and L8 for alpha case. Genitest is AS 7006 accredited for Alpha Case ASTM E3 and ASTM E407 Alpha Case PWA E142 and Alpha Case: Wrought / AMS T9046 and various ASME, ANSI, AWS and Mil Standards. Alpha-beta alloys shall be produced by multiple melting. The alloy is examined at a magnification of 200X to 250X for conformance to the microstructure and freedom from alloy segregation and at a magnification of 100X to 200X for freedom from surface contamination by oxygen (alpha case) and other harmful contaminants.

AS 7006 Accredited
Alpha Case / ASTM E3   ASTM E407
Alpha Case / PWA E142
Alpha Case: Wrought / AMS T9046

Nadcap Accredited
AC7101/4 Nadcap Metallography and Microhardness
L2 - Near Surface Examinations - Alloy Depletion
L8 Near Surface Examinations - Alpha Case: Wrought
       Alpha Case at Ti6Al4V alloy Surface