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Mechanical tests

Genitest uses high performance instrument and equipment for mechanical testing. We can handle Tensile, Bend, Impact and Hardness testing. Innovative and computerized systems allow better control of the tests. Genitest does its own sample preparation reducing the response time and the cost of testing.
Tensile Testing
ASTM E8, A370, B557,
Bend Testing
ASTM E190, E290
Sample Preparation
    Charpy Impact Test
ASTM E23, A370
    Hardness - Rockwell
    Hardness - Vickers
ASTM E18, E92
            AS 7006 Certified - What it Means!
Room Temperature Tensile ASTM E8, B557
Mechanical Testing of Steel Products ASTM A370)
Bend Testing ASTM E290
Charpy Impact ASTM E23
Guided Bend Test for Ductility of Welds ASTM E190
Hardness Testing - Rockwell Hardness ASTM E18
Hardness Testing - Vickers (Macro) ASTM E92
Sample Preparation ASTM A370, E8, E23, B557
             Nadcap Certified - What it Means!
AS7101/1  -  Nadcap Audit for Testing Laboratories
AS7101/11 - Nadcap Audit for Fastener Testing
AS7101/3 - Nadcap Audit for Mechanical Testing
(A)Room Temperature Tensile
(N)Impact and (XN)Bend Testing
AS7101/5 Nadcap Audit for Hardness Testing
(M2)Rockwell and (M3)Vickers Hardness
AS7101/7  Nadcap  Audit  (Z) Specimen Machining