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Chemical Analysis

Genitest uses high performance ICP analytical instrument, innovative ablation system, computerized Leco combustion fusion equipments for carbon, sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen. EDS and microprobe analyses results from X-Ray emitted from electrons variation in energy levels .

ICP - ASTM E1479
Steel, Stainless,
Aluminum, Nickel,
Cobalt, Titanium,
Copper, others.
analyses ICP,ASTM E1479  Combustion Fusion
(Leco) ASTM E1019
E1409 and E1937
Gas in Metals
Nitrogen and Oxygen
analyses IGF,Leco,combustion,ASTM E1019
            AS 7006 Certified - What it Means!
Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) - ASTM E1479
Elemental Analysis (Combustion or Fusion)
- Carbon in  ST, SST,  Nickel Alloys ASTM E1019
- Carbon in  Titanium  Alloys  to  ASTM  E1941
- Nitrogen to ASTM E1019,  E1409 and E1937
- Oxygen to ASTM E1019 and ASTM E1409
- Sulfur to ASTM E1019
Oxygen and Nitrogen  in Titanium   ASTM  E1409
             Nadcap Certified - What it Means!
AS7101/2 Rev B - Nadcap Audit - Chemical Testing
(F2) Atomic Emission Spectroscopy - (ICP)
(F3) Atomic Emission Spectroscopy - Arc (OES)
(G1) Elemental Analysis - Carbon
(G3) Elemental Analysis - Nitrogen
(G4) Elemental Analysis - Oxygen
(G5) Elemental Analysis - Sulfur
Al, Co, Cu, Mg, Ni, Ti, Base,  Fe low / high alloys.