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MicroHardness Tests - Vickers HV and Knoop HK

Genitest uses high performance instrument and equipment for microhardness testing. We can handle Vickers and Knoop test to ASTM E384 from 10g to 1000g. Loads most frequently used are 300g and 500g i.e. HV300g HV500g HK300g and HK500g.

AS 7006 Accredited
Micro Hardness Testing - Knoop ASTM E384
Microhardness Testing - Vickers ASTM E384
Sample Preparation ASTM E3 and ASTM B578
Nadcap Accredited
AS7101/4 Nadcap Audit for MicroHardness Testing
(L1) Microhardness Vickers and Knoop
AS7101/11 Nadcap Fastener Testing Microhardness

Vickers Microhardness HV