Genitest and Nadcap MTL 

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Aircraft  microhardness profile ASTM E384  turbine engine  scanning electron microscopy SEM  EDS EDX-Ray  test and analyses of helicopter specimens  inconel alloy 718  advanced materials and metals jet

Metallography and Microstructure

  Zeiss Axiotron
Image Analysis

Genitest received Merit for Metallographic Accreditation from Nadcap. It includes Turbine Blade Evaluation, Sulfidation, Welders Qualification, Microhardness Vickers, Knoop, Plating and Coating thickness, STIC, Effective Case and Nitrided Depth, EDM, LBM, Alpha Ti, Corrosion Depth, Decarburization, Grain Size, IGA/IGO. Some of the Applicable Specifications: ASTM E112, E407, B487, E384, A262, B578, AWS D17.1, A3.0, MIL-STD-2219, RPS 679, YC-03 BATS 2521, 2522, 2525, 2751, 2752, SAE J422, J423 PWA E142, AMS 2315 T9046