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Aerospace Welds Evaluation and Welders Qualification

Genitest is Nadcap accredited to AS 7110/13 for Metallographic Evaluation of Welds Evaluation of Fusion Welds, Evaluation of Resistance Welds, Evaluation of Welder and Welding Operator Qualifications for welding aircraft and space hardware. Genitest is AS 7006 accredited for Braze Evaluations to various ASME, ANSI, AWS and Mil Standards. It includes but is not limited to the fusion welding of aluminum-based, nickel-based, iron-based, cobalt-based, magnesium-based, and titanium-based alloys using electric arc and high energy beam processes. The aerospace criteria apply for personnel and procedure qualification, inspection, and acceptance.

Filet, Groove, Resistance Welds        Manual and Machine Welding