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Aerospace Corrosion Tests and Corrosion Product Identification

Genitest is Nadcap accredited to AS7101/6 - Audit Criteria for Materials Testing Laboratories - Corrosion (Q) Corrosion (General).Genitest is AS 7006 accredited for corrosion tests - Intergranular Attack ASTM A262, Practice A and E, ASTM G34 Exfoliation Corrosion Susceptibility in 2XXX and 7XXX Series Aluminum Alloys (EXCO Test), ASTM G46 Examination and Evaluation of Pitting Corrosion, Susceptibility to Intergranular Corrosion (STIC Test) of Aluminum Alloys after Heat-Treatment, Oxidation - IGA/IGO and End Grain Pitting, ASTM A923 practice A, B, C ASTM G48 practice A, B and to various ASTM, AMS, ASME, ANSI, AWS and MIL Standards.

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