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Genitest compiles more than 100 years of cumulative experience in Analyses, Tests, Expertises, Failure Analyses and Research. Aerospace Industry Customers work with us since the beginning, it demonstrates confidence - see Genitest Quality Policy.

Nadcap Certificate and Scope of Accreditation

chemical analyses spectro spark test      tensile testing      metal metallographic evaluation      fracture analysis and cracking
Chemical Analysis            Mechanical Testing            Microstructure & SEM               Failure Analysis

Metallographic evaluation - Microstructure, grain size & Digital Imaging. Chemical Analysis - ICP, LECO C S, Gas Nitrogen Oxygen, Microprobe EDX-Ray Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM & Energy Dispersive Spectrometry EDS, Linescan, Phase ID and Composition, Corrosion Product Characterization, Mechanical Testing - Tensile, Compression, Impact Charpy, Bend (weld & blank), Hardness - Rockwell A,B,C, Vickers, Microhardness Vickers and Knoop. Metallurgical Testing Full Micro and Macro preparation, Machine all specimens.